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Shri Charan 28
Shri Charan Photos

Shri Charan 28

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Shri Charan Code 28 (Size 6 inches Width & Height in proportion) Rs. 60...

Jai Shri Mata Ji we would like to inform that we maintain the aspect ratio (i.e., we don't stretch or compress the photos to fit in particular size). We preserve the original ratio of width to height when scaling and sizing the Pictures of Shri Mata Ji. 

The available Sizes start from Width 6 inches to Width 24 Inches.

For your reference we are quoting available size along with the price. The smallest Size starts with 6 Inches of Width and its proportionate Height. The Biggest Size available is of 24 Inches of Width and its proportionate Height.    

While Placing order you need to select width only and height will be decided accordingly the prices mentioned are in ratio of Width and will not vary with change in height.

The prices for Bulk Order (i.e, 20 pcs or more) are different to place bulk order you need to mail us at sahajasamagri@gmail.com and get a quote first.               

ABHAY MUDRA  (Size in Inch)

 DHANVANTRI (Size in Inch)

6 x 7.924     Rs.60/-

6 x 8.099      Rs.60/-

8 x 10.565   Rs.160/-

8 x 10.799    Rs.160/-

10 x 13.206  Rs.270/-

10 x 13.498  Rs.270/-

12 x 15.847  Rs.370/-

12 x 16.198  Rs.370/-

16 x 21.13    Rs.600/-

16 x 21.597  Rs.600/-

20 x 26.412  Rs.1000/-

20 x 26.996  Rs.1000/-

24 x 31.695  Rs.1200/-

24 x 32.396  Rs.1200/-